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DIY - Challenger Models, Engine Side Cover Protection Kit



Introducing the DIY Challenger Models Engine Side Cover Protection Kit from CruzArmor. This all-in-one kit includes protection for both the right and left sides of your bike's engine, ensuring full coverage and peace of mind. Made with durable, crystal-clear material, these protective covers are virtually invisible once installed, allowing the natural beauty of your bike to shine through. Plus, the self-healing properties of this material means that any scratches or scuffs will magically disappear over time, keeping your bike looking pristine. Don't take any chances with the vulnerable engine side covers of your Challenger - protect them with CruzArmor!


Installation Skill Level: 1

(1 = easiest, 5 = difficult)


Watch the CruzArmor DIY Installation Video below, prior to installation.

Film Color Options


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