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DIY - Roadmaster Models Saddlebag Lid Protection



Introducing the Roadmaster Models Saddlebag Lid Protection from CruzArmor Motorcycle Protection - the ultimate solution for keeping your saddlebag lids looking new and scratch-free. This DIY protection kit includes our 1-piece saddlebag lid kit, designed to safeguard the most vulnerable areas of both the Left and Right Saddlebags. Made with high-quality, durable materials, this protection kit is easy to install and ensures long-lasting protection for your motorcycle's saddlebag lids. Say goodbye to scuffs, scratches, and dings with the Roadmaster Models Saddlebag Lid Protection from CruzArmor. Keep your motorcycle looking its best and ride with confidence knowing your saddlebag lids are fully protected.


Installation Skill Level:

(1 = easiest, 5 = difficult)

  • "Partial/Front Area" Saddlebag Kit = level 2
  • PRO-Series "Full" Saddlebag Lid Kit = level 4


NOTE: "PRO-Series" kits are designed for experienced installers, and require a bit more stretching & anchoring technique, patience, and finesse. As a warning, novice DIY installers may find these difficult, frustrating, and may or may not be happy with the final results.


An installation video for the Roadmaster Saddlebag protection kit is coming soon. Until then, visit our "Installation Training Videos" page, on our website to view other similar installation videos prior to installing yourself.

Film Color Options

Pattern Options


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