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DIY - Lower Fairing Protection Kits (L&R)



Protect your motorcycle's lower fairings with our DIY Lower Fairing Protection Kits (L&R) from CruzArmor. Lower fairings are constantly getting beat up by rocks and debris on the road, but with our protection kits, you can prevent costly damage and keep your bike looking great. These kits are designed to be easy to install, so you can do it yourself and get back on the road in no time. CruzArmor is known for providing top-quality motorcycle protection, and these lower fairing kits are no exception. Keep your bike looking awesome and invest in the protection it deserves with CruzArmor's DIY Lower Fairing Protection Kits.


Installation Skill Level: 4

(1 = easiest, 5 = difficult)


"How To" videos for the Chieftain Lower Fairings is coming soon. Until then, visit the online training videos section, to watch other videos to understand the installation process prior to installing.

Film Color Options

Pattern Options


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