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DIY - Challenger Model, Outer Fairing Protection Kit



Introducing the DIY Indian Motorcycle Outer Fairing Protection Kit for the Challenger model, brought to you by CruzArmor. This kit includes pre-cut protective film for the top of your Challenger front outer fairing, ensuring that your motorcycle remains safe from scratches, scuffs, and other damage.  Durable design, this protection kit is the perfect addition to your Indian motorcycle, providing peace of mind and preserving the pristine look of your bike. Don't let your outer fairing go unprotected - invest in the CruzArmor DIY Indian Motorcycle Outer Fairing Protection Kit today.


For ultimate protection, be sure to purchase both the "Top" and the "Outer Fairing Side & Chin" protection kits from our PRO-Series line to fully safeguard your outer fairing.


Installation Skill Level: 5

(1 = easiest, 5 = difficult)


  • 3-piece DIY Fairing Top kit = 4
  • PRO-Series Fairing Top = 5 (trimming required)
  • PRO-Series Fairing Sides (include L&R) = 5 (trimming required)


** Note/Warning: PRO-Series kits are designed for experienced installers/dealers, and are not intended for novice installers. The PRO-Series Fairing Top kit has additional material along front edge for stretching assistance. Some knife trimming required on PRO-Series kits.


Watch the CruzArmor DIY Installation Video below, prior to installation.

Film Color Options

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