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DIY - Harley Davidson, Tri-Glide/Freewheeler, Rear Fender Fronts



Introducing the DIY Harley Davidson Tri-Glide/Freewheeler Rear Fender Fronts from CruzArmor! These fender fronts are specifically designed to provide maximum protection for all trike models. The leading face of the rear fenders on Harley Trikes are constantly bombarded with road debris, but with our crystal clear protection, your fenders will stay looking brand new. These fender fronts are easy to install and will provide long-lasting protection, ensuring your trike stays looking great for years to come. Don't let road debris ruin the appearance of your trike - invest in CruzArmor's rear fender fronts today!


Installation Skill Level:

(1 = easiest, 5 = difficult)

  • Small to Medium kits = 2
  • Large kit = 3
  • PRO-Series kits = 4

Film Color Options

Motorcycle Model:

Pattern Options


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