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DIY - Chieftain Darkhorse Front Forks/Cans Protection Kit



Introducing the DIY - Chieftain Darkhorse Front Forks/Cans Protection Kit from CruzArmor. Say goodbye to pitted, sand blasted, and beat up front forks as a result of road debris. This kit is designed to easily install on your Chieftain Darkhorse, providing maximum protection and helping to maintain the fresh look of your front forks. Don't let the open road damage your investment; keep your forks looking new with CruzArmor's durable and efficient Fork Protection Kit. So, if you're tired of the constant battle against road wear and tear, it's time to invest in the ultimate protection solution from CruzArmor.


Installation Skill Level: 1

(1 = easiest, 5 = difficult)


Chieftain "how-to" videos coming soon. Until then, watch the CruzArmor DIY Installation Videos below prior to installation.

Installation Videos:

Table-Top Video:

Film Color Options


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