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Baja Designs - Lighting Lens Protection/Color-Tint Kit



Keep your Baja Designs lights safe and looking sharp with our self-healing DIY Protection Kit from CruzArmor. This tough & durable, chrystal clear optic armor will protect your lighting investment from the pits, nicks, and scratches that rocks and other debris cause. The kit comes in clear, amber yellow, and smoke-tinted colors, and can be mixed and matched to change up the look of your lighting lenses. Ensure that your motorcycle's lights stay in top condition and matches your style with this easy to use and effective protection and color-tint kit.


Easy Do-It-Yourself kit, with squeegee and instructions included.


Baja Design Lighting Kit Installation = level 1 installl  (1 = easiest, 5 = difficult)

Lighting Pattern Options

Film Color Options


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